Legend Danny Lim Back With New Abbott Sign, Lets Public Fill In The Blanks

A diplomatic stance if ever we’ve seen one.

ICYMI, sandwich board activist and former Strathfield councillor Danny Lim – well known about Sydney‘s parts for his smile-inducing, often politically-charged signs – was fined $500 and told to “move on” by police for brandishing this little beauty at his regular post outside Edgecliff station earlier in the week:
It reads “Peace Smile, People can Change, Tony You Can’t”, only the ‘A’ was upside down to hint at the word “cunt” (no, we didn’t blur it out).
The infringement notice was paid off by Danny supporters via two different crowdfunding campaigns within hours, and his case taken on pro bono by hotshot Sydney lawyer Chris Murphy.
Jeremy Hillman, a close friend of Danny’s, told P.TV that, even if the fine is dropped, he wants his day in court to fight for the right to use an upside down ‘A’ in future Abbott-related signs. 
Until that time, he’s back at his usual post bringing rainbows and smiles to early-morning commuters.
Today saw his first Abbott-related sign since the incident and it’s a winner:
Keep fighting the good fight, Danny.
Images supplied/Jeremy Hillman.