For the blind and visually impaired, navigating the internet can be a needlessly difficult and isolating process, particularly given the increasing influence and role the internet plays in simple day-to-day life, so the onus is on tech developers and IT teams to ensure their services are compatible with accessibility software like screen readers. And that applies to all services. Yes, even the horny ones like Playboy.

A legally blind man in the US has launched a class action lawsuit against Playboy, alleging it has violeted the American with Disabilities Act by having websites that are incompatible with screen reading software.

Donald Nixon filed suit against Playboy, claiming he cannot properly use its sites and due to their inaccessible designs.

TMZ first reported the lawsuit, having obtained documents from the legal filings in which Nixon claims himself and other visually impaired people “cannot fully and equally use or enjoy the facilities, products, and services” of the Playboy websites at present. Which ahhhhh… yep.

The lawsuit is seeking a legal injunction against Playboy that would force them to re-design their websites so they can be easily accessed by blind and visually impaired people, and also includes a claim for an unspecified amount of damages.

Is this a serious issue of accessibility that affects swathes of people on a daily basis, and must be seriously addressed or placed at the forefront of the mind as technology advances at light speed? Absolutely.

Is it also a little bit funny that a man has launched legal action because he desires to use the horny website?


If that’s the final straw that dooms me to hell, so be it.

Source: TMZ
Image: Getty Images / SOPA Images