Lee Lin Chin & Richard Di Natale Are Defs Onto Something Very Serious Here

From the overly cooked week this has been for #AusPol comes two beacons of light – one so bright it can only be our most revered Queen Lee Lin Chin, and the other belonging to the recently (in my heart) knighted Aus Greens leader Richard Di Natale. Whatever your feelings may be for the Greens, Di Natale proved himself worthy of a thousand heart reacts when he tore the Libs to absolute shreds in yesterday’s scolding Senate speech.

[jwplayer BJc4no54]

If you’re looking to blow off a bit of steam, have at it:

Anywhoo, Di Natale recently threw his party’s support behind a very real, very serious, not-at-all-a-joke potential Prime Chinister – possibly the only person who can truly save this country.


My opening offer:

  • Lifetime supply of quinoa 
  • All-you-can-drink avocado lattes
  • We won’t force you to support locking up refugees in offshore detention

Wentworth is the shiny blue-ribbon electorate former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull held for 14 years. The seat is reportedly being eyed by such individuals as Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster which would be interesting to watch unfold.

Yeah, Chin’s tweet is probably just another example of her and royal adviser, Chris Leben‘s stellar dry humour but C’MON.

Earlier today as the clock struck new-prime-minister-time, the former SBS newsreader unleashed this baby on her feed:

To which Di Natale replied:

It’s all fun and games until the people actually want you to run, Prime Chinister. Especially when Leben’s over here just tweeting things like this:


Oh, and as she tweeted yesterday Section 44 is irrelevant to our Prime Chinister: