Lee Lin Chin’s Very Serious Push To Become PM Now Has Greens Support

It’s been a relatively busy couple of days in Australian politics, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore Lee Lin Chin‘s very sincere offer to run for office in (current) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s electorate of Wentworth – nor Greens leader Richard Di Natale‘s offer to sign her up.

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

In a tweet which we can only interpret as totally sincere and not a function of her outsized online presence, the former SBS News anchor last night announced she was prepared to take a swing at politics. Makes sense, considering today’s all-but-assured Liberal Party leadership spill, which seems likely to oust Turnbull from his role.

That message was noticed by Di Natale, who, fresh off his genuinely raw excoriation of the government in the Senate, offered Chin an awfully tempting list of work perks.

Labor‘s move now, we guess.

Chin also followed up with an assertion she is clear of Section 44 dramas, which have hovered over Peter Dutton since the former Minister for Home Affairs first announced his decision to challenge Turnbull for leadership of the party.

Should Chin’s memey alter-ego actually enter politics? Well, depending on how cynical you feel about the entire situation, why the hell not?