Earlier today, Lee Lin Chin revealed the Instagram account @leelinchinofficial was a fake! A fraud! An impostor! Rallying her loyal followers, the icon requested that we all report the account for being a fake and I guess a shit ton of people did because that account is no more.

Now, Chin has her own very real, very good Instagram account by the name of @iamleelinchin.

Despite the words, the account has already been adorned with two glorious posts – TWO. One, an obvious choice for its chicness.

UPDATE: THREE, THREE PICTURES. We have been blessed.

“My beautiful new #sheridan sheets and official Instagram account.”

And the second:

“Whilst I’m at it here’s another. The book I’m reading is not a prop. It’s my own personal edition of Shakespeare’s Selected Poems. I’ve read it more times than I can count and will continue to do so. #sheridan”

Not going to lie here, those Sheridan sheets look real good.

“Here’s an oldie but a goodie. My very first shoot with my dear @georgefetting_headshotfactory. A true artist. I suggest you hire him.”


Since resigning from the SBS news desk after more than 30 years on the team, Chin may or may not have dabbled in some serious politics with Aus Greens leader Richard Di Natale. Cast your minds back to the time this country’s government was being shittier than usual – right when Malcolm Turnbull copped the stabby stab – and you might just remember how a lot of heads turned to the soon-to-be empty Wentworth seat. As us mere mortals begged, Chin (jokingly) threw her hat into the ring.

Well, there you go folks.

A happy, happy ending.

Stay tuned for the most delightful pictures brought to you by one Lee Lin motherflippin’ Chin.