Lee Lin Chin Is Writing An Advice Book To Help Fix Your Shitty, Inferior Lives

Listen up, fives. A ten is writing a book for you.

Lee Lin Chin, thunder goddess, has announced the glorious imminent arrival of a book that will impart all her other-worldy wit and wisdom unto us, the undeserving fleshy masses.
The SBS broadcaster and dormant Gorgon benevolently allowing the human race to continue living revealed she has signed a deal with publisher Penguin to pen an advice book early this afternoon via Twitter. And your problems could be part of this clearly mythical tome.

Penguin already has the just-confirmed book listed on their website, carrying the title of ‘The Wisdom of Lee Lin Chin.’

It would appear that Chin will be penning the book alongside Chris Leben (aka the enfeebled biped she has captured and enslaved to dictate her Tweets to).
By the looks of things, the book will hit stores both online and off on November 28th of this year, meaning you only have to struggle through life for a couple more months before we can collectively ascend to a higher plateau of existence.
What kind of advice will be in the book? How will we be able to deal with this sudden influx of fertile knowledge? Will the human brain even be able to comprehend such godly advice?
One thing’s for sure, our lives will never be the same again.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty.