There is nothing so truly baffling as the furore around whether or not seasoned political journalist Laurie Oakes should have published the leaked footage of Malcolm Turnbull‘s Donald Trump impression. And please don’t @ me explaining it. It’s just so indescribably dull.

What isn’t dull, however, is Oakes declaring that his critics actually “make me sick, quite frankly.” Sick! Press gallery journalists (who report on leaks all year) getting uppity that something from their fancy politician-schmoozing ball was leaked? Well and truly sickening.

The Channel Nine reporter – who didn’t attend the Midwinter Ball, btw, and simply published footage leaked to him by an attendee – appeared on The Today Show this morning to defend his decision to publish.

“It was a very funny speech, a brilliant performance by Malcolm Turnbull, and was it well judged? I don’t think so,” he said.

“Malcolm Turnbull, when he was in New York meeting Donald Trump last month was all over him like a rash. Obviously obsequious, determined to repair the relationship and come away with Trump as his mate.”

When asked if perhaps the PM’s speech should have remained confidential, he replied:

“Journalists spend their time reporting on confidential or private events. You know, we go after leaks from Cabinet party meetings. That’s our job.

“Here is the press gallery saying the one event the journalists are not allowed to report on or get leaks from is one they host themselves. It is so hypocritical. It makes me sick, quite frankly”.

Laurie Oakes Says Critics Of Him Publishing Trump Impression “Make Me Sick”

Later on Twitter, he rubbished speculation that the footage was leaked by none other than Labor leader Bill Shorten to discredit his political opponent.

Meanwhile, a senior White House official told The Guardian that literally nobody cares about Turnbull’s average as hell impression.

“I don’t think anybody cares about that,” they said. Burn.

Photo: 9 News.