Laura Byrne Shares “Crazy Wonderful” Pregnancy Experience After Miscarriage

Laura Byrne has spoken about the sheer joy of her pregnancy with partner Matthew Johnson, and her experiences with the “niggling anxiety” that comes after suffering a miscarriage.

The jewellery designer and Bachelor star told Kidspot about the moment she learned of her pregnancy, and how a miscarriage earlier last year shaded the experience.

“Miscarriage softened me in ways I never expected, but most of all, it made me realise how ready I am to be a mum,” she said.

Byrne, who is now 23 weeks along, said “when I told Matt, he took a moment to process it,” and that they “both just stood there excited, scared and speechless.

“It was everything that we wanted, but in that moment our excitement was muted by the very real fear that our happiness could be taken away.”

But Byrne maintained that her concerns are dissipating with every day that passes on the way to her due date.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN last month, Byrne admitted she’s not fussed about the baby’s gender, saying only that she’s excited to meet the little bub.

“As long as it’s a happy baby, except for the fact Matt’s like ‘we’re having a boy!’ and I’m like ‘okay, you might want to rethink this just in case it’s not’,” she said.

“No, he’ll be happy either way.”

You can read her full essay on her pregnancy experience HERE.