Late-Night Transport, Galleries & Bookshops Discussed In Syd Lockout Review

There’s an independent review into Sydney’s lockout laws due
later this month, and the outcomes from the inquiry’s round table meetings with community and business representatives have just been released.
According to the ABC, suggestions included clearer rights for live music venues, and a “greater role” for cultural and arts organisations. Keep Sydney Open‘s Tyson Koh said that “everything from extended retail hours to food and more music, more art galleries staying open,” is on the table. 
Somehow, we don’t think being able to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at midnight is going to make up for all the nightclubs closing.
One of the most exiting suggestions was to extend public transport running until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights (aka Saturday and Sunday mornings). That’s definitely doable, since devoted reader / Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews just announced 24-hour-weekend public transport in his state will be extended for another six months:
Koh is still pushing for the lockout times to be pushed back, and we won’t know what the report actually recommends until it finally gets handed in. Even then, the report won’t be binding, and it will be up to the State Government to decide what they do with it. 
So far Mike Baird has seemed pretty unwilling to budge. On the other hand, Deputy Premier Tony Grant is open to pushing lockout times back to 3am.
If anybody out there ever gave this man a $3,000 bottle of wine, now’d be a great time to find his ‘thank you’ note.

Source: ABC.
Photo: Wikipedia, Chloe Sargeant / PEDESTRIAN.TV.