The trailer for Jenny Slate‘s first comedy special ‘Stage Fright’ has finally been released and it looks like we’ll all get to know the ‘Bigmouth’ star a hell of a lot better as a result.

‘Stage Fright’ moves between Slate performing stand-up comedy and documentary footage of her own life. It features original home footage from the ‘Parks & Rec’ star, and if you hadn’t guessed by the title, quite a bit of the content focuses on Slate’s own anxiety and stage fright.

“I get such bad stage fright,” she says in the trailer, “it ruins my day. It fucks my body up.”

“The worst thing is like, ‘just be yourself!’ Because I’m like, ‘oh okay. You should see how many selves there are in my psyche.'”

For the most part, the last few years of Slate’s career have seen her doing a bunch of hilarious roles on shows like ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘The Kroll Show’ (please, for the love of God, bring it back).

‘Stage Fright’ begins streaming on October 22, so get your Netflix accounts ready.