Last Chance To Influence The Marriage Amendment Bill

Hey guys, if you support Marriage Equality and think that the current Marriage Bill should be amended so that, irrespective of gender or sexual preference, all marriages are legally recognised under Australian constitutional law, then make sure you head to the House of Representatives Committees website and have your say NOW because today it your last chance to do so.

The Committee has been holding an open public inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill and the Marriage Amendment Bill so you and I can express our views on the issue to influence the stance on marriage equality in the lower house. The anonymous survey literally takes 1-2 minutes to complete and all responses will influence the Committee as part of its examination of the two Bills. The closing date for responses to the inquiry is TODAY, 20 April 2012, so if you do care one way or another, it is vital to take advantage of the opportunity to influence the outcome of the Committee’s assessment of these two Bills.

So far, responses from the inquiry show a majority support for Marriage Equality:

Get involved and have your say HERE.