Labor’s Cathy O’Toole Nabs Final House Seat By 37 Votes After Recount

Nearing one whole goddamned month after the polls closed at the federal election, Labor’s Cathy O’Toole has claimed victory in the Queensland seat of Herbert for the second time, after her original 8-vote majority over the Coalition’s Ewen Jones sparked a recount.

With AEC officials declaring O’Toole won the seat by the still-miniscule margin of 37 votes, the Coalition will form a one seat (!!!) majority government in the House of Representatives. Labor hold 69 seats (nice) while the motley crew of Greens and independents hold the remaining five.

O’Toole took to Facebook to thank her constituents on delivering her second election victory in a fortnight, while Labor leader Bill Shorten also gave his stamp of approval on social media. 

Should the result be officially recognised tomorrow or Tuesday, a forty-day period will come into affect the week after, in which any pollies who are still sandyjocked over their election results may dispute the counts. 
FWIW, Jones hasn’t yet conceded the election. Last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also indicated they may indeed take the option of disputing the count, due to a number of soldiers and hospital patients being unable to vote. 

Following that possible third count, and the final results from the Senate: bam. New federal parliament. Finally. 

Source: ABC.
Photo: Cathy O’Toole – Labor For Herbert / Facebook.