Labor Trades In Anti-SSM Senator For Legend Indigenous Leader Pat Dodson

Well this is all kinds of excellent – Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has put forward Indigenous leader Pat Dodson to replace outgoing Western Australia Senator Joe Bullock, who stepped down last night because he was not all that chill with Labor‘s pro-same-sex marriage stand.

Dodson, a Yawuru man from Broome, and affectionately known as ‘the father of reconciliation’, said he was “surprised” to receive the phone call from Shorten, and assured the crowd that he would “not be swapping Indigenous tribalism for white fella tribalism.”

When asked if he’d be allowed to wear his hat in the Senate, and quipped: “I thought they’d be gracious enough to let me do it.” 

Shorten said this morning that his appointment would bring “credit not only to Labor but to the Senate and the Parliament as a whole” and “a win for Australia“, to a room full of cheering Labor MPs (although not, as it happened, Bullock himself).

All-in-all, Labor seem pleased as hell with this decision:

Joe Bullock announced his retirement from politics last night thanks to his inability to support Labor’s decision to bind caucus to vote in favour of same-sex marriage, or as he calls it, “homosexual marriage”.

Boo hoo.

Source: ABC SMH / Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.