Kylie Jenner Thirst Traps 48,000 Simps Into Registering To Vote And I Pledge Allegiance

Say what you will about the Kar-Jenner family, call them merely a family of “influencers” all you please, but these girls have the ability to lure people into a lot more than just buying makeup or laxative tea.

WAP video vixen Kylie Jenner proved the almighty power of a thirst trap when she posted some fuego piccies of herself in a barely-holding-itself-up floral bikini.

Okay Kylie, you have our attention.

But this was a sexy pic with an important message and good cause. She captioned the post ‘but are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio, lets make a plan to vote together’.

And clearly, when Kylie says ‘jump’ we say ‘how high?’. TMZ reports the post directly lead to a whopping 48,000 new voter registrations and a 1,500% surge in traffic to, and that number is still rising.

Kylie logging into IG.

As Spiderman’s uncle will tell you “with great power comes great responsibility”. With 196 million followers to her Instagram account, it’s no doubt that Kylie holds real ass power (no pun intended) in her palms. Her using to influence the nation into using their right to vote? We love to see it.

Baby mama influence the election, got these other bitches shook.