Kylie Jenner Is Done W/ Her App After Unapproved ‘Sex Life’ Story Is Posted

Kylie Jenner has told fans that she’ll no longer be a part of her own mobile app – the ‘Kylie’ app. 
She darts around the context of the situation, but tells fans that a particular “personal” post went up on the app without her approval, and so now she is so 110% donezo with it:

Sleuths say that this is the post in question:

The post speaks about Kylie‘s relationship with rapper Tyga; it details how they ‘spice up their sex life’, and includes other points about how she always cooks for him and his friends, and also says what she bought him for his birthday. Previously, Kylie has been notoriously private about her relationship, rarely revealing details of her and Tyga’s private life.
Fans, however, are devastated about the reality star’s announcement:

And a bunch of her fans are pretty dang confused – can’t say you can blame them.
Kylie’s app was promoted as being “premium paid content from Kylie’s world, bringing you closer to her than ever before”, and it costs USD $2.99 a month to be ‘close’ to the reality star. It was always implied that Kylie herself was posting majority of the content (we’ll only say this once: of course she wasn’t, but okay). 
Riddle us this: what on earth will her ‘quitting’ the app do, considering now it’s exceedingly clear that Kylie wasn’t posting the content in the first place? Plenty of people calling her out on it:

Yep, it indeed WOULD make more sense for Kylie to announce she’d be posting everything herself in order to make sure it’s all true, and something she actually wants shared. But oooookay – that’s none of our business. 

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner.