Kyle Sandilands Inspires Theatrical Work Coming Soon

Australia’s most hated entertainment person and noted villain Kyle Sandilands has become the unlikely muse for a new Australian theatrical work.

The play is called The Tender Age – not Objectionable Radio Arse Face surprisingly – and was inspired by the now famous live-to-air interview by Kyle and his radio offsider Jackie O, during which a teenage girl revealed that she’d been raped at age 12. At the time of that horrific revelation the girl, then 14, was undergoing a lie detector test and was asked by her mother if she was sexually active. The Tender Age explores the way young people engage with sex and sexuality in the hyper-connected social media dominated world. Kids these days.

The play’s co-director David Williams says, “Today’s young people live in a world in which every moment, every funny joke and every drunken mistake, might be captured on a mobile phone and instantly broadcast to the world. It’s a complex legal and ethical minefield, and it makes for an important discussion point, as well as rich and exciting territory for performance.”

The Tender Age is showing at Carriageworks in Sydney from 22 August to 1 September 2012. Highly recommended for sext-friendly teenagers oblivious to the Internet’s powers of destruction. As you can see below on this basic Fear Index chart, the Internet ranks higher than both Anthrax and Bear Attacks on the Danger scale, and is a more prevalent cause of pain than Paper Cuts.

Fear Index:

Photo by Mike Flokis, Getty Images