Even Kochie Is Dragging Gladys Berejiklian’s Dogged Anti-Pill Testing Stance

Getting bodied by Kochie on live TV is not an enviable position to be in no matter what issue you’re talking about. But being NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and getting absolutely trollied by David By-God Koch on the subject of pill testing has to be a dizzying new low for the embattled State Leader.

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Following the death of 19-year-old Alex Ross-King at the FOMO Festival in Sydney on Saturday, Berejiklian has again been facing a barrage of criticism – particularly from Ross-King’s family – over the Premier’s repeated insistence that pill testing does not work despite the fact that it absolutely does.

Premier Berejiklian appeared on Sunrise of all programs to speak to Kochie of all people about pill testing of all issues, and Kochie took the Premier to school.

Koch, like many have before, used the very successful pill testing trial at Groovin The Moo in Canberra as an example of why the NSW Government’s constant insistence that they have no evidence that pill testing works remains an utterly baffling piece of wilful ignorance.

For Gladys, it only got worse from there.

Jesus christ. Imagine being taken to task that badly by Kochie. The man dances with a cow made of cash once a morning. He has released several editions of a book entitled Kochie’s Best Jokes, which includes such fare as this barnburner in which he describes a scenario involving several men who appear to believe the uterus is located somewhere inside a woman’s skull.


That’s the bloke who absolutely torched the NSW Premier on the subject of pill testing on live TV this morning.

If it wasn’t far-beyond-evident that Berejiklian has completely cooked this issue already, it sure as hell is now.