Please Observe This Wee Koala Calmly Getting The Groceries Done In Adelaide

A supermarket in Adelaide suburb of Dernancourt encountered an ~unexpected visitor~ this week, when a fuzzy customer had a bit of a wander around before ambling back out of the store.

A koala – nicknamed ‘Caramello‘ by the Coles staff – made a quick trip down the shops to grab some milk and bread, but left soon after it realised it had left his wallet back at home (I assume).

Nobody saw the wee angel enter the store, but it was found in the dairy section, presumably trying to figure out the difference between almond milk and activated almond milk.

Other customers cautiously gave the lil’ mate some room to go about its business, and it eventually tottled off out of the shop – probably because they didn’t have it’s favourite brand of gum leaf in stock.

“But Courtney,” I hear you ask. “Are there pictures of this fuzzy champion out for a quick wander around the aisles?”

Mate, there absolutely is.

“Scuse me do you know where the eucy oil is?” (Image: Supplied)
“Cathy move ya bloody trolly out of the way.” (Image: Supplied)

A spokesperson from Coles let us know that wildlife authorities were contacted to make sure the little mate got back to its home okay. Wildlife authorities have confirmed it’s been checked up on and is doing well after its little trip to the shops.

“Ah shit, I forgot my reusable bags again.” (Image: Supplied)