The latest item to bolster Kmart’s cult-like following isn’t an Edison globe set in concrete or a tasteful plastic succulent, oh no. 

Giant, plush, and very wearable animal heads seem to have become the unexpected hot-ticket item at the department store of your dreams, with seemingly goddamn every shopper drawn to their playful construction and sensible price point. 

Such is the demand for the plushies that two of four varieties have been listed as “popular” items that “sold out fast” on Kmart’s website. We suppose the braying online shopping masses will just have to make do with being a cartoonish dragon or unicorn.

Kmart’s Ridiculous Plush Animal Heads Spark The Same Reaction Nationwide

via Kmart. 

A corollary trend has revealed itself, too: not content with simply looking like wannabe EDM producers from 2009, those who’ve donned the giant heads seem to have resorted to exactly one pose to demonstrate how kooky the heads are. 

Yep. Peaceful anthropomorphic plushies are currently invading social media, and you’ll only really recognise the scale of the influx once you see a few of the Insta posts chucked together.

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*Deep breath…*

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And, finally, a fun spin on the genre. 

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To the fine folks at Kmart: congratulations on sourcing a product so uniquely capable of provoking the exact same response across the nation. 

It’s also very convenient that Kmart also sells headlice treatments, but look, that’s neither here nor there.

Source: Instagram.
Photo: @missphillippagrace / Instagram.