Kmart Launched A Wooden ‘Vlogger Playset’ For Kids So Prep For The Inevitable Baby Hype House

Kmart has officially launched a kids’ vlogging playset because we do in fact live in a hell dimension.

The wooden vlogger playset is listed for $13 bucks on the Kmart website. It features a canvas bag, a wooden camera, a wooden selfie stick, ring light, phone and tripod.

Plus the description reads: “little ones will love to pretend taking pictures, photos and making video with this wooden vlogger set!”

It was first spotted by Ally Parker over at Nova 96.9 who criticised the idea of telling little kids they should aspire to have a life revolving around social media.

“In this Vlogger Playset – now widely accessible thanks to Kmart and a low price tag – concepts of self-identification, self-worth/value have been intrinsically linked to social media,” she wrote.

“A connection many of us are desperately trying to unlearn AND we didn’t even have sosh growing up.”

And honestly? Fair point.

I’m not a parent but I was born in 1998 and have witnessed my personal identity offline become influenced by how I want to be perceived online.

That being said, kids are so batshit funny that I would love to see the sorts of things they’d share in a faux vlog.

If they’re anything like me as a child, it would be recreating historical events complete with period-inaccurate costumes raided from my Mum’s wardrobe.

The set was also shared on popular IG @kmart_bargains where it got a mixed response.

While some parents commented about how much they thought their kids would like the set, others were less enthused.

“The vlogger set is cringe,” one such user succinctly put it.

Another wrote: “that vlogger thing is just so sad…”

One of the other newly listed wooden toys was a Babychino set, which includes a wooden tray with fake takeaway coffee cups and cookies.

The Millennials and Gen Zs will be quietly disappointed they didn’t have the wooden babychino set to prepare them for the lowly paid jobs and interns of their 20s where they were essentially glorified coffee runners.

With the unholy combination of the wooden vlogger set and wooden coffee cups, Australia’s children are now basically set up for a dream career as day-in-my-life New York girl TikTokers.