Let us preface this by saying we are 99 per cent sure this is a Mum Joke – a brilliant Mum Joke – but yes, a Mum Joke. But in the one per cent chance that it isn’t… well, mUuuUuUuuUuuUm.

An Aussie mum has taken to a Kmart Facebook group for fans to proudly show off her latest hack – a, uh “relaxation station” for her teenage son.

“I love this hack! I just bought a Kmart soap dispenser and bathroom tray (shown on Kmart beside table) to use as my teenage son’s relaxation station!” the post begins as originally reported by news.com.au. 

“He likes to watch internet TV in bed and he has a chronic runny nose (tissues for days – I think it’s the air con!), and he had problems with dry skin and goes through heaps of hand cream, so I put some Sorbolene moisturiser in a marble soap dispenser, which will hopefully last longer!” 


But wait, there’s more. 

“Now he has everything he uses, all in one spot! He’s also got his speaker and a lamp and a phone charger there. Just need to find a cute tissue box holder!” 

To complete the post, the mum attached a photo of the bedside table coupled with the hashtags “kmarthack” and “relaxationstation”.

Immediately, people were quick to point out that perhaps… lil’ Johnny wasn’t exactly suffering from a *checks notes* “chronic runny nose”. 

“It ain’t his nose on his face that’s runny,” one user commented.

“Oh goodness, that ain’t snot in the tissue babe,” another replied.

News.com.au reports a number of amused people were convinced the entire post was a prank because how could you not? But some were genuinely convinced it was the real deal.

You can judge the post for yourself below.

Either way – prank or not – this still calls for a big ol’ “MuuuUUUuUuUumMmMMmM”. 

Cute Bambi, though.

Source: news.com.au
Image: iStock