Kim Kardashian Is Now Considered Legally Single And Can Officially Drop West From Her Name

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Congratulations to Kim Kardashian who is now considered legally single in her ongoing process of getting divorced from Ye (FKA Kanye West). She made the formal request to be legally single and officially drop ‘West’ from her double-barrelled last name late last year.

Per the BBC, Kim had her request approved in a virtual court hearing on Wednesday. The courts also gave Kim the OK to have a “bifurcated divorce”. It essentially splits the proceedings into two parts.

First is sorting out her legal name and marital status — which has now been finalised and legally recognises Kim as a single Kardashian again. Next up it’s the tricky stuff: custody and splitting the financial assets and property between Kim and Ye.

In a statement in her formal request, Kim said she believed this part of the divorce would help Ye to process and accept the end of their marriage and romantic relationship.

“I believe that the court terminating our marital status will help Kanye to accept that our marital relationship is over,” she wrote.

Honestly, it’s probably very handy that Kim’s been studying law for the last couple of years, so she knows how all this has to shake out.

It’s also reported that one of Ye’s lawyers pushed for Kim to agree to give up any marital privilege she might have with a future spouse. The decision would mean that any communications (like text messages) she would have with her partner would not be confidential.

It’s an interesting move considering Kanye has recently published their private conversations publicly on Instagram which Kim said caused her “emotional distress” throughout their divorce.

Kim and her lawyer called the move “unprecedented” as the judge swiftly denied it.

Hey, good for you Kim. You’re one step closer to being your own woman once again and closing that decade-long chapter of your life.