Kim K’s Latest Legal Crusade Is To Free ‘Making A Murderer’ Accused Brendan Dassey

Reality TV star and lawyer-in-training Kim Kardashian has thrown her support behind convicted killer Brendan Dassey, urging Wisconsin’s new governor to read the Making A Murderer subject’s handwritten plea to be released from prison.

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Taking to Twitter, Kardashian posted a link to a new petition seeking clemency for Dassey, and a website hosting material supporters say exonerates him of the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Among the documents is the inmate’s handwritten to Governor Tony Evers, who advocates have urged to reconsider Dassey’s life sentence.

“Please [Governor Evers] read this letter,” Kardashian wrote.


Kardashian also shared a link to a new episode of the Wrongful Conviction podcast, which includes an interview with Dassey and attorney Laura Nirider.

The episode covers many of the allegations laid in the original Making A Murderer Netflix documentary, which suggested investigators coerced the then 16-year-old Dassey to make a false confession.

Despite several attempts to appeal the conviction, both Dassey and his co-accused uncle, Steven Avery, remain behind bars for the murder.

In 2016, Kardashian said she subscribed to the streaming platform “to see what this Making A Murderer is about,” but has taken a more academic interest in criminal justice in the years since.

In addition to successfully lobbying US President Donald Trump to pardon 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving life behind bars for a minor drug offence, Kardashian revealed this year that she is undertaking a four-year legal apprenticeship with the goal of becoming a real-deal lawyer.

It is not clear to what extent Kardashian is officially involved with Nirider and Dassey’s defence team, but her input is likely to reinvigorate public interest in the heavily-scrutinised case.