KFC Resurrects Plucka Duck For ‘Surfin’ Bird’ Ad That Is Peak Internet

The above headline is not even remotely a lie.

KFC, fried chicken merchants and secret harborers of the greatest fast food meal ever invented (it’s a large chips with potato and gravy for dippin’, if you’re keeping score at home), have plucked Plucka Duck from the bowels of obscurity/Facebook meme pages/the Channel Nine prop warehouse, and thrust him/her directly back into the spotlight for a new ad campaign.
The branded ad campaign (y’know, one of those infuriating things where it’s just totally unrelated footage and then a logo at the end of it) puts Plucka on a skateboard, pushes him down a hill, and sets the whole thing to the infamous Surfin’ Bird track. At the end of it, the KFC logo flashes up.
That’s it. That’s all it is.
The neither chicken nor cow, pithing down a fuck-off hill, with The Trashmen thrashing it out on the soundtrack.
It’s… it’s truly something.

As weird as the ad format is, that massive metal horn/skateboard salute at the end is fkn life affirming.
The ole’ Chook Depository does it again.
Source: mUmBRELLA.