KFC is Testing Out a Plan to Serve Cider and Beer

After coming to the radical conclusion that alcohol and greasy food is a combination that could really catch on, KFC plan to serve cider and beer alongside chicken and chips at a new Sydney store.
Per a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, the fast food chain, home of the Double Down (aka the Good Decision Burger), have applied for a liquor license for a new store in Parramatta.
The plan is to try and keep pace with the growing number of “fast casual” restaurants, that serve notionally more high-end food in more inviting surroundings, often pairing it with alcohol.
KFC is reportedly hoping to regain some of the turf it has lost to Nando’s in recent years. Other places like Grill’dGomez y Guzman and Mad Mex are also making a killing thanks to the fast casual trend.
A representative of KFC has said that the new location, on Church Street in Parramatta, will be a “concept” store. The concept of pounding a few ciders while eating fried chicken is something our junk food-loving hearts can get on board with.
The Liquor and Gaming Authority have asked KFC to provide a statement explaining why their plan to serve alcohol will not be “detrimental to the community’s well-being” before granting the licence.
Ball’s in your court, guys.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images