Ever done that thing where you try and make a joke via text message but the recipient utterly misinterprets it and assumes you were having a dig at them and then they get super pissed off at you because sometimes tone gets completely lost in a plain-text conversation?

Don’t lie. You’ve all done it. Every single one of you. Everyone who’s ever been even remotely near a phone ever has done it.

That’s the pitfall of text messaging. Sometimes you misinterpret something and your mind runs away with things and then suddenly you’re straight hurling coal into that rage train boiler. And then when you finally realise that it’s really nowhere near as big a deal as you initially thought it was, you suddenly feel really silly.

Key & Peele are absolutely killing it lately, and this sketch tackling people’s dumb reactions to misinterpretations is absolutely no exception. On the one hand you’ve got the increasingly friendly Peele, texting the increasingly pissed off Key – both unaware of the others true intentions. It’s hilarious, and hits way too close to home.

All that said, I think we can all agree the real winner here is Jordan Peele‘s absolutely GLORIOUS pizza sweater, which I shall now spend the remainder of the day scouring the internet trying to find.

And just on the off chance that y’all are unfamiliar with the genius that is Key & Peele, educate yo’selves with their brilliant recurring Obama’s Anger Translator gag.

You’re welcome.