Former Prime Minister and current reigning King of Playground Handball, Kevin Rudd, can now add ‘Ad hoc Uber Driver’ to his ongoing list of jobs, after he was mistaken for an Uber in Noosa this week.

In a glorious two-tweet tale told by his daughter Jessica Rudd, old mate Kev had to make a slight detour on the way to a family dinner after a bunch of pissy folks piled into his car while he was trying to find a park in the rain.

Kevin had dropped off his family at a restaurant so they didn’t have to walk back in the rain, and as he was crawling along to find a spot, a group opened up the passenger doors and jumped in, asking to be taken to Hastings St – the town’s main strip.

Apparently, the king of the dog shot didn’t simply boot the spirited lot out of the car like anyone in their right mind would have (or at least stammered “uhhh nah I’m not your ride, hey”). Instead, he graciously obliged and drove them from their boozy lunch over to the main drag.

Absolute king shit, this.

Kev said he found “four young Melburnians” getting absolutely soaked in a classic QLD Big Wet, and let them jump in the car.

Imagine trundling out after a long lunch, pissed as a fart, falling into your Uber, getting halfway to where you wanna go and suddenly realise that this guy’s behind the wheel:

Two things that I deeply want to know after reading this deeply Queensland story: who the hell was the party of long lunch hooners that thought Kevin Rudd was their Uber? And what the fuck kinda car does Kevin drive, a white Toyota Camry?

If you know the answer to these pressing questions, please shoot me an email on I honestly need to know.

Image: Instagram / @mrkrudd