Kevin Rudd Is Being Revered As A Handball God In Schools Across Australia

Believe us, this has hit us harder than a rank power shot that sails clear over dunce’s head and into the bushes outside the science building. Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia, has soared into popularity among schoolyards across the nation as some sort of patron saint of handball.

Call it what you will: Handball, Downball, Four-square, whatever. The humble schoolyard game is as skilled and nuanced as they come. It separates the weak from the strong. It does not require size or overt athleticism to succeed; rather an undying thirst for competition, a willingness to throw oneself at the ground in pursuit of a point, and above-decent hand-eye coordination.

Rudd, somehow, is a King.

A few days ago Kev did a Reddit AMA which was notable mainly for its overt saltiness. But beyond the political axe-grinding it achieved, there was this at-the-time unnoticed titbit.

He wasn’t lying, either. Kevin07, as he is affectionately referred to on the incredibly good Handball Memes Facebook page (more on that in a moment) visited Kelvin Grove State College on Monday to step into the King square – a man of such stature and might absolutely does not start in dunce – and wipe the floor clean with the foolish hand-flailers who tried stepping up.

It’s a whole thing.

Kevin Rudd. Handball God.

The love affair between handball aficionados and Kevin07 goes back a ways, with the ex-PM a running theme of the Handball Memes feed. Cop some of these classics.



This one, however, is the dominating sentiment of many a recess.


That sweet, sweet feeling of strutting into arvo classes as King. Unreal.

Today you learned that Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister, is the handball GOAT. The more you bloody know.