It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere but with booze literally on tap, it’s always 5 o’clock in Solomon’s Avenue Apartments in India.

Residents of the apartment complex in Kerala, India were shocked to find a dark brown water coming out of their taps when they awoke on Monday morning.

“When we switched on the water motor, brown water flowed from our taps,” Joshy Maliakkal told CNN.

“When we went to check the tank, we saw there was an oil-like film floating on the surface and a stench was emanating from it.”

I know what you’re thinking, any sort of dark brown liquid coming out of your taps is probably not good. But let’s just be thankful it was alcohol coming out of the taps and not something shittier.

According to CNN, the brown liquid was a result of 6,000 litres of expired alcohol that accidentally tainted the water supply. A nearby bar and hotel was disposing of expired liquor by pouring it into a rather large hole, but unfortunately it “seeped into the nearby well and polluted the water stream of the nearby apartment complex.”

The water supply was tainted with a cocktail of beer, brandy and rum, all of which were past their use-by date.

Ironically, Kerala is actually a dry state, with the sale of alcohol being prohibited completely in 2014. The laws have since been slightly relaxed, with hotels with a 3 or more star rating being allowed to serve alcohol again since 2017. But it doesn’t look like those venues will be getting much business from Solomon’s Avenue residents considering alcohol is on tap in every apartment within the complex. The town went from a dry-zone to a watering hole overnight.

The alcohol in question had been seized by the excise department approximately six years ago, with authorities finally being given the right to destroy the booze.

“These bottles had been seized from bars whose licenses had been cancelled six years ago. We couldn’t have known that our operation would raise such a stink,” Deputy excuse commissioner TK Sanu told Times of India.

All 18 families who reside in the building have filed official complaints, largely due to the lack of water following the ordeal.

“So far they have provided us with 5,000 litres of water but that is not enough for these many people” Maliakkal told CNN.