When will they learn.

One cannot be a figure in the public eye and expect to hold up bits of paper on television and get away with it. We’ve already seen what the internet did to Trump the Elder when he showed everyone his big-boy signature

Now Donald‘s presidential counsellor Kellyanne Conway has stumbled into exactly the same trap – only I feel less sympathy for her, as she actually brought her own baffling and completely unnecessary props to an interview with Fox News about the equally baffling Trump Jr. Russian email fiasco


Why, Kellyanne! Why would you allow your own hubris to lead you directly into the gleeful maw of the Photoshop-equipped masses? LOOK WHAT THOU HAST WROUGHT:

Actually I take it back: every person who appears on TV should be required to do so holding bits of paper at least once. This is quality stuff. May the roasting never end.

Source: Twitter.

Image: Fox News.