Keen Sydney Golfer Drives Maserati Onto Beach To Hit A Few Into The Sea

Beachgoers at Camp Cove in Sydney‘s Watsons Bay got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday morning when a bloke drove his car onto the beach, got immediately stuck, and proceeded to have a bit of a golf.
According to, he was dressed in floral board shorts, listening to Bob Marley, smoking darts, and practicing his swing for a bit before the cops arrived. 

Police questioned the 51-year-old as to why he had decided to park his Maserati intractably on the beach, but he didn’t seem to see what the issue was, asking cops “What’s the criminal offence? Where’s the sign that says I can’t park here?” before adding “I’m a lawyer.
Surprisingly, he might be right, there are no signs that say you can’t park on the beach and Woollahra Council is investigating whether or not he breached council regulations. What a world.
Regardless, the car was towed off the beach (that must have been fun) and the man was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital. NSW Police have said that, at this stage, it is not their intention to charge him due to mental health concerns.
Source: The New Daily
Photo: 7 News.