Katie Noonan Slams Campbell Newman In Facebook Beef

This has been quite a week for the airing of Australia-music-related grievances on Facebook. The latest installment that follows on from Triple J Trollgate involves lauded Brisbane singer-songwriter-performer Katie Noonan who launched an angry Facebook feud against Campbell Newman, or, as we like to call it, “joining the club”.

Noonan chewed out the Queensland Premier for his alleged audience-decorum fail during her performance at a function on Wednesday. Her Facebook post, which has received almost 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments, also took aim at Newman’s already controversial deferral of State funds from the Arts.

A spokesperson for the Premier responded to Noonan’s comments with an apology on his behalf, explaining that he “had a queue of guests wanting to speak with him and had only 20 minutes before having to return to Parliament.

“There was general chat in the room throughout the background entertainment and if Ms Noonan took offence, the Premier certainly offers his apologies.”

Here is Noonan’s reply:

The most important lesson to learn is that professional performers do not like to be ignored and definitely don’t like to be spoken over. If you commit either of these sins you automatically open yourself up to be called a stupid c*nt and made the butt of a rape joke. And that’ll be on you.