Karl Stefanovic’s Estranged Dad Says He & Brother Pete Are Dead To Him

Karl Stefanovic‘s estranged dad has come out of the woodwork to discuss the decades-long rift in his family with gossip rag New Idea.
Alex Stefanovic, 70, said he fell out with Karl and his brothers Peter and Tom 25 years ago, when he split from their mother Jenny, claiming they “could not give a damn about me”.
 “I have nothing to do with either of them,” he said. “They walked away from me 25 years ago following my divorce from their mother. We’ve barely spoken since. That’s the reality.”
He also claimed Karl’s embarrassed by him because “I’m fat, I’m bald and I’m poor”, choosing not to allow a relationship between his three kids with soon-to-be-ex wife Cassandra Thorburn and their granddad.
“Karl and I haven’t had much communication for 10 years. He can’t even call me ‘Dad’, he calls me ‘big fella’.”
Despite his claims, Stefanovic did get a bait to the recent wedding of Pete and TODAY news presenter Sylvia Jeffreys – for which Karl was best man – but says he was treated so badly by his sons that he won’t have anything more to do with them.
“None of the boys gave me any time at the wedding. I knew I had to go, perform my duty, but… after the wedding I thought, ‘no more, no more’. How many times can your heart be broken?”

“There is no way back. Things are beyond repair. We’re done. I won’t see Karl or his brother Peter again in this life, maybe the next.”
It’s unclear whether Stefanovic was paid for the interview but would you be surprised?
Source: New Idea.
Photo: Getty / Kristian Dowling.