Karl Stefanovic Fires Up About Australia Day, Says The Date “Must Change”

After the Yarra Council in Melbourne passed a bill to not celebrate Australia Day on January 26Channel Nine‘s Karl Stefanovic has changed his thinking on the controversial date.

On this morning’s Today Show, Karl explained that he was once a staunch believer that January 26 was a day for all Australians to come together and celebrate what it means to be Australian. Nothing would change his mind, or so he thought.

After speaking with Indigenous and Torres Straight Islander communities, and actually taking the time to listen to them, Karl’s thinking changed and he now understands that January 26 is a date that holds a lot of pain, suffering, and sorrow for First Nations people of this land.


If we are to truly follow through with the apology and move forward together – hand in hand, arm in arm – then I believe it must change. So let’s do it together, certainly let’s debate it together.

Because this is the Internet and everyone can (unfortunately) say whatever they like, the commentary online from the public are, ah, none too great. Many slammed Karl for his view that is apparently controversial and makes him a “traitor to Aussies” and an “idiot“.

Karl offered that the date should change to a day we already have as a public holiday – January 1st.

The 26th is a rubbish day for a party anyway. Who ever had a party on the 26th of anything? So my suggestion is move Australia Day to the first of January. What way we get to combine New Year’s with another party.

I mean, it makes sense right? It means we’ll have a public holiday taken off us for the year but what’s a day when indigenous communities have had hundreds of years of oppression and suffering?

Come on folks, it’s time.