Karl Lagerfeld To Step Aside At Chanel?

Blogs are abuzz (again?) with a rumour that Karl Lagerfeld will be wrapping up his dictatorship tenure at Chanel – one that he has held since taking the creative reins in 1983 – and, according to Grazia Australia, his successor is going to be Alber Elbaz, the man credited with restoring French house Lanvin to its original glory.

This is the kind of pivotal world event that could potentially throw the earth off its axis and result in global chaos.

Grazia explained via a post on their website of how they have arrived at the quote-unquote “earth-shattering” news.

Tommy Ton of style blog Jak & Jil tweeted the following during Paris Fashion Week:

…and moments later:

Grazia then wrote in response to these tweets:

“We at grazia.com.au think we might know what this earth-shattering news might be – with rumours circulating that Karl Lagerfeld’s tenure at Chanel is coming to an end and none other than Alber Elbaz will be announced as his successor… Stay tuned for the official announcement, which is expected to come very, very soon…”


However, this isn’t the first time this exact rumour has done the rounds:

In June 2009 the rumour was spread through posts on Fashionologie and New York Magazine’s The Cut; and later in October 2009 the allegation made its way back into the blogosphere with another popular blog My Fashion Life speculating about the very same thing.

Is this just another case of repetitive rumour-by-blog or are our collective lives about to be turned on end?

As Grazia said: stay tuned…

UPDATE: We received the following email from Chanel headquarters in New York confirming that this is not the case:

Thanks for reading, Chanel.

Image by: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty