Karen Walker Partners With UN Ethical Fashion Initiative On Another Brilliant Eyewear Campaign

In keeping with the theme of all her campaigns to date – that theme again being, brilliant – Karen Walker has partnered with the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashions Initiative on a joint venture accompanying her the first Summer 2014 eyewear drop, Visible
Realised in a stunning campaign photographed by Derek Henderson, each pair of Walker’s iconic shades is accompanied on purchase by a pouch created by a community of micro-artisans operating in both urban and rural precincts in Kenya. Featured in the Visible campaign are the machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers and metal workers who comprise these artisan communities, as well as members of the Maasai group responsible for the more elaborate beading work embellishing the hand-crafted pouches. 
As per usual, the sunglasses – like the campaign – are pretty exquisite and will be available from February 3rd.