Kanye West Is Now A Full-On MAGA Spokesperson Who Tweets From Private Jets

Rap legend and cultural monolith Kanye West has effectively continued the divisive pro-Donald Trump speech which concluded his latest appearance on Saturday Night Live, by going ahead and sharing more of his political philosophy. While wearing his Make America Great Again cap. On a private jet.

In a flurry of tweets sent in the early hours of this morning, West hinted at the backlash he received when he defended the current President of the United States, saying there should be “no more cancel culture”. 


What followed was thisa full-blooded defense of isolationist market policies, with a side of ‘let’s repeal the Amendment which deals specifically with abolishing slavery.’

All of which was accompanied by a photo of West wearing the emblematic hat inside a high-end plane.


For what it’s worth, the 13th Amendment states slavery and involuntary servitude are not on, unless the work comes as part of a prison sentence.

In later tweets, West, clarified his position somewhat, hinting that he may be talking primarily about prison reform – a topic his wife, Kim Kardashian, has advocated for in the past year.



But taken together, all of this weekend’s appearances and messages prove the idea West is the victim of a dangerous kind of contrarianism, which upholds all political viewpoints as equally valid – even when countless people are suffering under the administration which promotes those fucking hats.

There comes a point where misunderstanding Trump’s politics and mistakenly thinking elements can be a force for good, and actively understanding them and supporting them, become the same thing. This is Kanye West now. And people are noticing.