Melbourne Design Week officially kicked off yesterday, and the scenes are already as devastatingly aesthetic as you’d imagine.

Taking over the city from the 15th to the 25th of March, the week is a dedicated celebration of the showrooms, exhibitions and contemporary design practices that make Melbourne such a delightfully-vibrant, deeply-liveable city.

One of the most exciting installations to hit town in 2018 is by LA-based balloon designer Jihan Zencirli, aka Geronimo. The name mightn’t ring a bell, but we’d hazard a guess her work has found it’s way into your discover feed, most likely via the Kardashians.

She’s created show-stopping works of art for the likes of OprahGwyneth Paltrow and Kanye West:

And her latest client is none other than our fair Melbourne:

Melbourne Design Week is officially underway and we’re finding such joy in sharing @geronimo’s work with you. The concepts of longevity, balance and mindfulness, which are all central to this year’s Design Week theme – Design Effects – are ingrained in her ethos. Her ‘environmental sculptures’ are made with 100% recyclable and 100% latex balloons – they are compostable and biodegradable at the rate of an oak tree leaf, inflated with air, not helium, and are made by a family company! We are so proud to be showcasing her work at our new showroom in Abbotsford, at @thehubgeneralstore and in the windows of our now-closed Exhibition Street showroom. Come and check them out! Also, use #hubxgeronimo to share your snaps. Image by @eugenehyland. #hubfurniture #hubxgeronimo #melbournedesignweek #ngv #ngvmelbourne #nationalgalleryofvictoria #designweek #geronimo #geronimoballoons #balloons #balloon #pinkballoon #art #installation #design #colour

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The peachy installation can be seen at Hub Furniture’s showroom in Abbotsford, and it features a whopping 7,000 biodegradable balloons.

It’s her first-ever public Australian installation, and the 39m façade she’s covered in her signature colourful air sacks will probably blow your Instagram up this weekend.

Alongside the installation in Abbotsford there are two others – one at the Hub General Store on Exhibition Street, and another at their Collingwood store that looks like a big, juicy bunch of grapes:

Geronimo’s designs have been seen all over the world, including the Chanel runway and most recently as part of the New York City Ballet’s Art Series event:

THE AUDIENCE EYE // We’re marveling at how lovely the golden ceiling of the Promenade looks this Oscar Sunday in contrast with brilliant silver mylar of Jihan Zencirli Geronimo’s Art Series installation. Over the past 6 weeks, @geronimo has delighted art lovers of all ages with her whimsical and sculptural art that transformed our Lincoln Center home, the wonder of which was matched by our wonderful company of dancers and the ballets that they performed on our stage. 5 DOMES will come down today, as does the curtain on our winter performances, and we thank everyone who came out. Take a peek at #nycbartseries to see more of our audience’s perspective of Jihan's two installations, and head over to to see what we have coming up this spring. ⠀ ????: @fer_newyrk_mx⠀ ⠀ #nycbartseries @geronimo #geronimo #jihanzencirli #newyorkcityballet #nycballet #nycb #newyorkcity⠀

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There’s a bunch of other cool stuff going down in Melbourne this week as a part of Melbourne Design Week, including (but not limited to) the Melbourne Art Book Fair and a tonne of free short talks with renowned local and international practitioners.

You can read the full 2018 program at the National Gallery of Victoria website, here.

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