Justin Trudeau Sent A Truly Gorgeous Gift To A Young Victim Of Homophobia

A 20-year-old Canadian fella called Degas Sikorski‘s story went viral last month, after was on the receiving end of horrendous and disgusting homophobic treatment at his workplace on Valentine’s Day

He worked at an party supply store called Party City and had been receiving less shifts than usual in weeks leading up to February 14. On V-Day, a supervisor decided to make little presents for all the staff. However, when Sikorski received his gift, an unknown employee had scrawled a homophobic message on the front. It said “Faggot. You are not getting shifts for a reason.”
He’d worked at the Edmonton store for three years, and said he’d never experienced homophobia there before. The store released a statement saying they were looking into it, but Sikorski has since indicated that he no longer works for the company, and that they hadn’t even apologised for the incident.
However, today, Sikorski received a book of encouraging words and messages from Edmonton MPs, and Canada’s completely excellent and liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau
Turns out an Edmonton MP, Randy Boissonnault – who is also openly gay – reached out to Sikorski after the homophobia attack, and passed the book around Parliament Hill to gather messages of support. 
Trudeau wrote in a Valentine’s card with a rose on the front, 
“Know that your friends outnumber the haters by the millions, and I am one of those friends.”
Other MPs wrote, “Love is love! You will always be our Valentine” and “We are with you and support you! Stay strong”.

I also got something pretty amazing and beautiful from Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault and our Prime Minister, along with…

Posted by Degas Sikorski on Saturday, 12 March 2016

In other news, we have to go now, to have a lil’ cry alone and hug a teddy bear and wonder how in the ever-loving fuck Canada got so damn lucky with their politicians. 
And if we don’t come back, we’ve mass exodussed to Canada. AU REVOIR!

Source: ABC
Photo: Lucas Oleniuk / Getty.