Justin Trudeau Photobombed Kids Pre-Prom & Our Hearts Can’t Take It

Justin Trudeau has a bit of a knack for popping up in out-of-the-way places and photobombing the unsuspecting Canadian populace. 
Last year, he showed up casually shirtless at a couple’s beach-side wedding, just leaning on a surfboard; around the same time, he emerged shirtless once again from a cave in Quebec, surprising the hell out of a holidaying family. 
Overnight, the PM pulled it off yet again, photobombing a group of high school students as they stood by the water in Vancouver, taking pre-prom photos. 
The PM, in his jogging gear, appeared to completely pass the students by in an image Tweeted out by official photographer Adam Scotti:

At least one of them noticed, however, as he was later seen posing for an Instagram shot with a group of students:


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Ahh, those hallowed formal night traditions: dancing to years-out-of-date Top 40 tunes, vomiting on the expensive duds your parents just bought you, getting casually photobombed by heads of state … It brings back so many memories. 
Source: The Star.
Photo: Getty Images Pool.