Justin Trudeau Kayaked Up To A Regular Fam For A Chinwag About The Climate

Justin Trudeau is not real. He is a powerful computer simulation. Assertions that he is a real-life, breathing human being are misdirection and subterfuge.

Consider this new evidence:
The so-called “Canadian Prime Minister” has been filmed casually kayaking up to a family to talk about climate change.
Marking World Environment Day on Monday, the holographic Trudeau was released onto Niagra-on-the-Lake in Ontario, following a pre-set data path that, to the naked eye, appeared to veer off-course in order to greet some nearby citizens.
Engaging in casual conversation, the simulation exchanged a joke about having a job that allows him to kayak freely (“any day on the water… we call this work, ya know?“) while the giddy residents – not wise to the great ruse being played on all Canadians – gleefully captured the encounter on video.

This new evidence of Trudeau-as-simulation comes on the heels of other similar peeks-behind-the-veil, such as spontaneously spawning behind children posing for prom photos, running a public self-diagnostic by explaining quantum computing with machine-like cadence, suffering a public glitch when clothing sprites failed to load, and the program freezing altogether when presented with a logical paradox.

Clearly, while the program has more than a few bugs that still require attention, it’s doing a bang-up job in convincing the Canadian people that it is a real-life human.
It has to be.
Because if Trudeau were somehow a legitimate real-life person then that would be, ya know, unfair.

Source: Time.
Photo: CBC News/YouTube.