Who Keeps Inviting The ‘Human Ken Doll’ To Budget Night? An Investigation

And so it has come to pass: another budget night at Parliament House, another baffling appearance by adult film star Justin ‘Human Ken Doll’ Jedlica (not, of course, to be confused with Rodrigo ‘Human Ken Doll’ Alves).

Jedlica appeared in a selfie with Malcolm Turnbull on budget night last year and no one could quite figure out why. The issue was raised twice in that year’s Senate Estimates by Labor senator Kimberley Kitching, who seemed to be attempting to suggest that Jedlica’s presence was the result of a lack of proper vetting, as seen from an extremely farcical exchange in the Hansard:

Senator KITCHING: Do you agree that the fact the Prime Minister had no knowledge of
Mr Jedlica’s past before he attended a function with him and before he and the foreign
minister and the President of the Senate agreed to be photographed with him suggests that,
perhaps, the protocols followed by the Prime Minister’s office possibly need to improve

Senator Brandis: None of the premises in this question are accepted because nobody
knows who Mr Jedlica is. He did not attend the function that you have described, as we have
told you—

Senator KITCHING: Do you think you should have known more about him?

Senator Brandis: therefore your entire question is constructed on a series of false

A few short months after the 2017 appearance, Jedlica himself appeared on The Morning Show to explain why he was there, saying that he’d been invited to a private function that “happened to be on the day of the federal budget“, along with a few friends including Jayson Mcnaughton, who he described as a “big donor for the Liberal Party“. We will return to Mcnaughton after a brief diversion.

Speaking of donors and the scandals related to them: disgraced former Labor senator Sam Dastyari has not once, but twice appeared on Kyle and Jackie O to offer his explanation of Jedlica’s appearance on budget night. In March he said that Jedlica was escorted out of the building after a member of Turnbull’s security team recognised him: “They get the guy out of the room, escort him out of the building, and then there’s this bizarre cover-up as to who actually signed him in.

This morning he appeared on the show again to say that Jedlica was there thanks to an invitation from a big Liberal Party donor in Melbourne, for whom Jedlica is “his escort, his toy boy. Allegedly.

Breezing quickly past the weird, soft undertones of homophobia and Dastyari’s propensity to say literally anything if it serves his aims, that brings us back to Jayson Mcnaughton. Mcnaughton, a Melbourne-based dentist, has appeared in photos with Jedlica at both the 2017 and 2018 budget nights:

Keen observers will note Real Housewives of Melbourne housewife Gamble Breaux in the left of the frame there. Breaux and Mcnaughton (without Jedlica) also attended budget night together in 2015:


What do Breaux and Jedlica have in common? Other than both having glamorous, jet-setting lives, they both have had dental work done with Casey Dental Group, where Mcnaughton works.

As an odd, somewhat cool aside: Mcnaughton and his partner were also mentioned by Liberal MP Jason Woods in his speech during the debate of the marriage equality bill:

After I announced my change of position in my electorate, I caught up with good friends Jayson McNaughton, a local dentist, and his partner, Stephen Walden, who have been in a relationship for seven years and whom I’ve known for six. They’ve always respected our friendship and, again, have never pressured me to change my views on same-sex marriage, despite their belief that they and other same-sex couples experience discrimination because they cannot marry. They would like one day soon to be able to declare their love to the world through marriage. So, when they heard I had revised my view, they were both incredibly happy and excited.

In conclusion: we can’t know for certain, but Mcnaughton definitely seems to fit the bill. If not, you just learned a bit about a random dentist for no reason. You’re welcome.