Just A Bunch Of Rad Photos Of The Sydney Storm

Did I not warn you all the weather was seriously going to bring it tonight? Huh? I love being right. But actually I also just really love a good old fashioned Aussie summer storm and I have not been disappointed.

Social media is producing some seriously cool snaps of the Sydney storm, which seems to be mildly chilling now and I’m wondering on a scale of one to shithead how bad it would be to make an UberEats driver bring me food.

While I deliberate my moral dilemma, feast your eyes. We’ll start with clear signs of impending doom:


Then move on to some lightening shots  to even make Thor wet himself:

Then on to a buttload of rain:

Like really, quite a lot:

To just a little casual flash flooding, nbd:

And some really quite artistic hail:

And then of course, Queensland’s always gotta turn it into a dick measuring contest:

But actually, as a New South Welshman, turned Queenslander, returning to New South Wales, he’s not entirely wrong. Stay dry Sydney!