Julien Blanc’s Team Is In Aus To Teach People How To Choke Women Again

Remember Julien Blanc? He’s that guy who labels himself as a “pick-up artist”, but actually makes a living teaching other men how to abuse and manipulate women. 

Some of his ‘tactics’ include choking a woman and calling her a ‘deadbeat whore’, in order to shock them into submitting to his dominance. We are absolutely not paraphrasing or exaggerating that in any way. That’s what he refers to as ‘having game’. 
His website, ‘Pimp by RSD Julien’ (which for moral reasons, we REFUSE to link here) promises to ‘Make Girls BEG To Sleep With You After SHORT-CIRCUITING Their Emotional And Logical Mind Into A Million Reasons Why They Should…’. Yeah… seriously. 
He tried to do an Australian tour in late 2014, but it was thwarted by Melburnian activists who protested the event and shut it down, and eventually, overwhelming public outrage became reason enough to deport Blanc out of Australia.
Blanc is still banned from coming to our fair country, but his right-hand man isn’t. His best mate in misogyny, Owen Cook, is still allowed into ‘Straya, and he’s leading the tour. Oh, and he legitimately goes by the moniker Tyler Durden. The main character from ‘Fight Club’. Yeah.
Anyway, they are currently doing ‘World Tour Number 3‘. The group had one of their ‘free-now-but-we’ll-charge-you-thousands-later’ shows in Sydney tonight, and they’ll be in Melbourne next week, and Brisbane the week after. They’re also coming back later this year.
A quick reminder: last year Destroy the Joint counted every woman that was murdered in domestically violent circumstances. In 2015, we lost 79 women to violent deaths. 
If anyone feels opposed to this decision to let even more abusive men into our country, speak now, and loudly: change.org/p/australia-says-no-to-julien-blanc-s-team-teaching-domestic-violence
We’re better than that, Australia

UPDATE: RSD have now deleted all of their Australian dates from their website. Whether or not this means the tour is cancelled is currently unconfirmed. 

Source: RSD.
Photo: Instagram.