Foreign minister Julie Bishop has made the unexpectedly admirable move of succinctly shading US President Donald Trump while appearing on the ABC‘s Insiders today. 

In case you missed it, Trump made headlines earlier this week for telling Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, “You’re in such good shape, such great physical shape, beautiful“. 

Julie Bishop Shaded The Hell Outta Trump For Thirsting Over Brigitte Macron

When Bishop was asked by host Barrie Cassidy about Trump’s behaviour – specifically whether she would be “flattered or offended” if he’d said similarly thirsty comments to her – Julie had the best possible response:

“I’d be taken aback I think. It’s a rather interesting comment to make. I wonder if she could say the same of him?”

Julie Bishop Shaded The Hell Outta Trump For Thirsting Over Brigitte Macron

Putting her own (sometimes disgraceful) politics aside for a moment, that is an undeniably sharp and economical retort. Wonder if she’d ask the same of him inDEED.

Not for the first time, the people of the internet are applauding an Australian for telling it exactly how it is re: the Big Orange Ballsack:

Some are quite rightly expressing concern that one of our country’s top politicians appears to be making fat jokes at the expense of other world leaders – and let’s not let a swift quip eclipse the fact that Bishop is staunchly anti-asylum seeker and anti-union. 

Nevertheless, Donald Trump’s external grotesqueness is mostly due to his thoroughly malformed personality, and Bishop’s point stands regardless of what he looks like: there is just no way in hell that any high-profile political woman would say such a thing about a man’s physical appearance on first meeting. 


Source: Twitter.

Image: Insiders.