Julia Gillard Isn’t Happy With An Anti-Same Sex Marriage Group Quoting Her

An anti-same sex marriage group has used Julia Gillard‘s image and words on a controversial, widespread promotional poster – and Jules ain’t a happy lady. 

Sitting pretty right next to Dolce & Gabbana (who are featuring rather heavily in the Australian marriage equality debate, for some bizarre reason), Gillard claims her quote about a bond between a mother and child has been taken severely out of context. And she’s not wrong; the quote comes from a moving speech Gillard made as Prime Minister in 2013 – a national apology for the policies and practices that were responsible for the forced adoptions that occurred in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
For a country, just as for a person, it takes a lot of courage to say we are sorry.

We don’t like to admit we were mistaken or misguided.

Yet this is part of the process of a nation growing up:

Holding the mirror to ourselves and our past, and not flinching from what we see.

What we see in that mirror is deeply shameful and distressing.

A story of suffering and unbearable loss.

But ultimately a story of strength, as those affected by forced adoptions found their voice. Organised and shared their experiences.

And, by speaking truth to power, brought about the Apology we offer today. 

This story had its beginnings in a wrongful belief that women could be separated from their babies and it would all be for the best.

Instead these churches and charities, families, medical staff and bureaucrats struck at the most primal and sacred bond there is — the bond between a mother and her baby.

According to Mumbrella, Gillard is now seeking legal advice about her words being used on the gross anti-SSM poster, which the she labelled ‘hurtful’ and ‘offensive’. 

Dr David Van Gend, the President of the Australian Dickheads (oh oops, what a weird typo) Marriage Forum disagreed, saying they had the right to use random words of hers in a totally different context to the original meaning, and what even are semantics, and they don’t even get why she’s pissed and they won’t be silenced… or some bullshit. (How these people don’t understand that they’ve literally never been silenced in their lives, we’ll never understand):
“Her words were not taken out of context. For her to threaten a community group, it is disgraceful given she is a public figure of her stature. Every quote we ran was from the public domain and was part of the necessary discussion of this momentous question. All of it is correct and in good faith. We will not be bullied into silence by public figures like Ms Gillard.”
A spokesperson made this statement on behalf of Gillard, 
“Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was unaware of and had no notice regarding the publication of this advertisement. Ms Gillard believes it is wrong for her words of apology to victims of forced adoption to be taken out of context and misused. As well as being hurtful to those who are the subject of the apology, who have already suffered so much, Ms Gillard believes the advertisement is offensive to gay couples, who are parents. Ms Gillard has sought legal advice about this matter.”

Alright, now we’ve got all those statements outta the way, let us be the first to say,