Here is the most powerful elected official in the country (right now) attempting to make internet funnies, speak to yoofs and prove that politicians are more than just dour power robots with super crippling self-esteem issues by fronting a satirical public service announcement warning us against the impending Mayan apocalypse. 

“Whether the final blow comes from flesh eating zombies, demonic hell
beasts or from the total triumph of K-pop,”
Julia Gillard deadpans. “If you know one thing about
me it is this: I will always fight for you to the very end.”

But don’t go out and kiss your best friend/find out what heroin’s all about just yet! It’s really just a promo clip for triple j’s Mayan-disputing End of the World broadcast, which takes place tomorrow at 9am with breakfast hosts Tom and Alex.

Still, if this catastrophic event does indeed take place as predicted, the PM can identify at least one benefit: “At least this means I won’t have to do Q&A again.” Won’t lie. We LOL’d at that.

Watch the video in full below…