Brain Genius JR Smith Copped Some Savage “MVP” Trolling By Warriors Fans

JR Smith has had a couple of days to collect himself and gather his pair of thoughts and re-group as the Cleveland Cavaliers attempt to topple the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Unfortunately for him, Warriors fans aren’t about to forget his monumental Game 1 brain-fade anytime soon.

If you somehow missed it, JR Smith managed to pull off one of the all-time greatest boneheaded plays in NBA Finals history in Game 1, after fielding an offensive rebound and scooting for half court in the dying seconds of regulation, looking to preserve a Cleveland lead as the clock ran out.

The only problem being that Cleveland were very much not in front at the time, and the game then went to overtime, where the Cavs were bodied into dust after the Warriors decided to put four players on LeBron James, who is the attempting to beat Golden State virtually by himself this series.

Even more incredibly, footage captured immediately after the incident sees Smith mouthing the words “I thought we were ahead” to an incenses James. Meaning that JR Smith, professional athlete, in a crucial end-game scenario, somehow forgot what the score was.

As you’d expect the incident was meme’d to within an inch of its life, and poor JR copped a roasting of Sunday dinner proportions. But Warriors fans were not done there.

With Smith approaching the free throw line midway through the first quarter, the packed house at Oracle Arena decided to heap more shit on old mate by cannoning down some choice “MVP” chants at Game 1’s unanimous spud.

And to make matters worse, he missed the shot.

The crowd trolls JR Smith with an “MVP” chant, and it works.


For what it’s worth, the Warriors are steamrolling their way through Game 2, en route to what looks likely to be a fairly hefty win (author’s note: I fully reserve the right to edit this line out of existence should something outrageous happen).