Pro-Trump Singer Joy Villa Wore An Anti-Abortion Dress To The Grammys & Hmm

American singer Joy Villa has turned up to the Grammys wearing an anti-abortion dress, making ‘Grammys Outfits Worn By Joy Villa That Suck And I Hate’ a solid 2 from 2.

Last year, the singer wore a pro-MAGA dress that looked like she’d ripped it straight from a Trump rally. This year, it’s an anti-abortion dress that was hand-painted by clowns, paired with a “Choose Life” handbag that unfortunately isn’t referencing Trainspotting one bit.

Photo: Mike Coppola/FilmMagic.
Photo: Phil McCarten/CBS via Getty Images.

Who is Joy Villa, you ask? Well, she’s a pro-Trump singer-songwriter and Fox News contributor better known by her stage name, Princess Joy Villa, who unfortunately keeps getting invited back to the Grammys despite not being nominated for anything.

Sure, she’s allowed her political views as much as the next person, but equally means we’re allowed to call it out / roll our eyes to the fucking moon.

Legal, safe and accessible abortion is vital. Joy Villa is not.

Most of today’s Grammys attendees were wearing white roses in support of the Time’s Up movement. Obviously Villa did not, but please allow Lady Gaga looking like an absolute fucking queen to cleanse your soul a little bit.