Journo At Centre Of Defamation Case Says Rebel Wilson Lied To Her Face

Today’s update in Rebel Wilson vs Bauer Media: the journalist who kicked off the whole debacle about Wilson’s age back in 2015 has told the Supreme Court of Victoria that Wilson lied to her face, prompting her to write the article that started it all. 
According to the AAP, Caroline Overington, who was then a journalist for Women’s Weekly, interviewed Wilson in Sydney in 2014. She told the court that she’d tried to “establish rapport” with Wilson while the actor was getting her hair and makeup done. 
It was during this chat that Overington says she asked Wilson to confirm that she was 29 year old, and that her “real name” was Rebel. 
Overington told the court that Wilson said “yes“, and on top of that, went into detail about how her mum chose the name Rebel for her. 
Only after Overington read an article in Mamamia claiming that Wilson was older than she’d said, and that Rebel wasn’t her real name, did she decide to write the article for Women’s Weekly that set the entire “Rebel Wilson is a liar” mechanism in motion – which Wilson is alleging got her sacked from two movies and tanked her career. 
For her part, Wilson has said that the conversation never happened. The bloke who was doing her hair has been called as a witness, and he has confirmed that a conversation between Wilson and another woman took place, but he can’t remember who the woman was or what she looked like. 
It’s getting down to the nitty gritty stuff here, folks. We’ve had assertions that Wilson is related to Walt Disney, we’ve had evidence from her movies, we’ve had retweets brought into the whole thing, somehow – now we’re getting to the she said/she said stuff. 
Stay tuned. The case has got a fair bit of steam in it yet. 
Source: The Guardian.
Image: Quinn Rooney / Getty.